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About us

At Andy’s Kars Your Satisfaction is Our Highest Priority And We Have 5 Golden Rules To Prove It…

These Golden Rules aren’t just some silly mission statement or marketing gimmick, we LIVE these rules and hold ourselves accountable to them every day, so you get the highest quality service we can provide.

Our Golden Rules are:

Rule One

If we don’t look after the customer…Someone else will.

Rule Two

Nothing is gained by winning an argument, but losing a customer.

Rule Three

Always deliver what we promised, if in doubt –
under promise and over deliver.

Rule Four

Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Rule Five

The reputation of the whole Company is in the hands of every individual.

We believe it is important that we all abide by our five golden rules in order to provide you with a professional and quality service, that is second to none, enabling us to continue to grow and prosper in the future.

We pride ourselves on our strong beliefs in customer service.

We set our standards to achieve this higher than most.

We look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction where possible through applying the policies and procedures, agreed to within the Motor Codes – Code of Practice, and the care and understanding of our customers’ needs. This is also monitored by The Motor Codes and may be revised from time to time to make sure we meet your needs.

The team at Andy’s Kars has many years experience between them and believe the key to success is good customer care, professionalism and trustworthiness. Happy content customers will, and do, return again and again.

We never forget it’s your money being spent and it is your decision to spend it so…

We pride ourselves on giving the best possible advice, making you aware of what is needed and what the costs will be, and then letting you decide whether to go ahead.  We will also advise you of any urgent and non urgent repairs required so you can budget for the future.

You will always be treated as an individual and with respect, as we would like to be treated ourselves. We have a very good working relationship with many local businesses and private individuals alike.

The friendly family atmosphere that our customers experience is always warmly welcomed as is the free advice that is given with a smile.

Our motto is ‘honest advice with a smile, we go the extra mile’ – this means that we never forget you are our income, we will always respect you and treat you the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  

Every vehicle that goes into our workshop, is given a free safety inspection, to make sure it is safe to be on the road, whether it needs a road test or not.

We always assist wherever possible, attending minor local breakdowns in attempt to keep the customer mobile where possible. Replacement of bulbs, wiper blades and batteries are in most cases installed free of charge, and when a battery is replaced a charge rate check is carried out free also.  We check tyre pressures free of charge if this is requested.  If we are asked we will wash your car free when it is having a full service.  We also assist when asked in the completion of tax and insurance paperwork free.  We feel that these small gestures go a long way to assist our customers wherever we can.

When estimates are requested we now have a DVLA link which gives us the complete vehicle details, from the registration number, which saves the customer having to find out engine sizes etc., and also makes estimating much more accurate.

From time to time we ask our customers for their comments on their experiences in dealing with us, “how they felt they were treated” and “how can we improve our methods and services”, the feedback we receive always shows a good response. To have a look at some comments from customers like you Click Here

To arrange a convenient time for us to look at your vehicle or ask a question simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at

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