Andys Kars


Andy’s Kars has been specialising in adaptations to vehicles for a few years now. We install hand controls for cars, foot controls, pedal guards, hoists, steering balls and much more. We have been working with Motability Operations on research and development on electrical and mechanic malfunctions to their current and older fleet of adapted vehicles. We now also install; service and repair most adaptations old and new. We can also manufacture bespoke adaptation to suit individual needs to maintain their independence.

We can install adaptations for private customers including hand controls, hoists and specialist seats.

We have good relations with the local dealers that supply vehicles to Motability Operations for the customers and usually have a reasonable turn around on adapting the vehicle and getting back to the dealer for handover to you.

The parts are all ordered in advance so that the down time for the vehicle is as minimal as possible. This way we can get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Do you have the ability to adapt? We do.

We can manufacture and install any number of products electrical and mechanical to meet your requirements of life style.

2 demonstration vehicles available at your request.

Hand Controls

Gives you freedom to use your hands if you have problems with pedals in the car.

Hand Controls DSC07011
Hand controls DSC07035

Toggle Indicators


Pedal Guard

Ideal with hand controls to keep feet off pedals (can be easily removed to used foot pedals again).


Steering Ball/Steer

steering ball steer


Can be fitted on left or right of steer wheel to make it easier to drive with one hand or hand controls.

peg image

Flip Flop Pedals/Left Footed Accelerator

Accelerator is on the left so you can drive with left or right foot (you pull accelerator down and the other accelerator pedal disappears).

pedals 1
pedals 2

Power Hoist/Lift

For lifting wheel chairs/buggy in the boot. No more lifting heavy wheel chair/buggy in, out of the boot and getting back ache. All done with the press of a button (can lift up to 200kg).

hoist DSC07030

Pedal Extensions

Makes the foot pedals longer. If you have problems reaching the foot pedals (brake, accelerator, clutch).


Auto Clutch For Manual Cars

auto clutchThis ingenious design of Auto Clutch allows you to depress the clutch on a manual car by pressing a button located on the end of the gear stick. When combined with our brake and accelerator controls, the user is able to drive a manual car when previously it was almost impossible.

The allows precise and comfortable clutch control. The compact clutch drive assembly is located under the dashboard adjacent to the clutch pedal and is connected to an electronic module.

The module measures the vehicle speed and current position of the accelerator and clutch pedals. Based on the measured values, the module moves the clutch pedal to the optimum position. It comes with three memory settings that can be set for individual driving conditions, i.e. bad weather/snow, steep/hilly roads etc. Selecting a drive mode is as simple as pressing a button on the control module.

Program two on the module can be set to the users own specific requirements, allowing the driver to tailor the system to his or her particular driving style.


· Turns a manual car into a semi automatic with push button clutch
· Simple button on gearstick depresses the clutch
· Constant monitoring of speed and pedal positions by electronic control unit

Makes it possible to drive a manual geared vehicle with no need to put your foot on the clutch pedal. (You just need to press a button on the gear shift instead of pushing the clutch pedal down).

Easy Release Hand Brake/Gear Shift

Makes it less stress full on the fingers to release the hand brake/ in gauge gear.

Gear Shift DSC04829

Steer Ball/Handle With Infrared

R200 keypad controls

The R200 system allows people with restricted mobility to operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand. Simply pressing a button activates the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights etc.

R207 – up to 7 functions

R207 – up to 7 functions

R210/R213 – 10 & 13 function

R210/R213 – 10 & 13 function

R218 – 18 functions

R218 – 18 functions

Lollipop Grip (for R200 keypad)

lollipop gridThe lollipop grip is a great new alternative to the standard steering ball style control. Simple to use, it is easily gripped and has a soft touch design that greatly increases driver comfort.

All our grips are quick release deigns that are easily removed from the wheel and totally lubricant free! So no more grease or oil in your car.

The lollipop grip can be used in conjunction with any R200 secondary control system. The lollipop uses the same clamp as the standard steering ball, and can be purchased on its own (without clamp) for users who already have one of our systems.

The lollipop can also be purchased on its own as a manual steering grip, and has the same great ergonomic features.

Quick Release Steering Ball

P6180600Steering Ball inferred switching system, a Ghost accelerator ring under the steering wheel with a bush brake system, and a floor mounted left foot accelerator kit. The quick release steering ball is the highest quality available on the market. Features include:

• Tilt and rotate keypad.
• Easily removable from steering wheel.
• Lubricant free design – no more grease or oil!
• Soft touch grip that greatly increases driver comfort.

The steering ball can also be purchased on its own as a manual steering ball and has the same great features.

Means you can turn lights, indicators, windscreen wipers? From a key pad on the steer ball/ handle.

Push Break & Pull Accelarator

This is a Push brake and Pull accelerator with toggle indicator.


Swivel Seat

Swivel seats can be fitted to drivers side or passenger side. They swivel up to 90 degrees and can also come in and out of the car for ease of transfer to and from a wheel chair. (When out of the car they can go up and down to height of wheel chair/buggy).

Seat DSC07016

Top Box For Wheelchair Storage