Andys Kars


If you have a question or need some advice about your vehicle then please give us a call – Well do our very best to help AND, provided we dont need to dismantle your vehicle or inspect it on a ramp to give an answer, we do so for FREE

We can advise you on all aspects of maintaining your motor vehicle.

During servicing, MOT’s and general inspection checks we provide advice on work that is required immediately, and that which will require attention at various stages of the future.  This allows you to budget for the work and carry out the repairs in stages if needs must.  A general inspection is carried out during servicing and MOT’s to enable us to advise any further work required.

This advice is free provided we do not have to carry out any further investigation first, as are written estimates that are provided, for work that is required.  Please note that all estimates given are subject to dismantling which means there may be some variation on the cost, as we cannot predict the unforeseen.  We generally over estimate rather than under estimate where possible so that bills are decreased rather than increased.  We take time to talk through estimates with customers and advise the necessary course of action required both budgetary and safety.  When a verbal estimate is given please remember that it is subject to VAT charges.

We will also inspect vehicles when you are considering a change, and give purchasing advice on its viability.  This service is chargeable at one hour’s labour plus any travelling costs.

To arrange a convenient time for us to look at your vehicle or ask a question simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at