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Air Conditioning Services

If your vehicle has Air Conditioning you should consider having it serviced regularly because you could save a lot of money avoiding otherwise inevitable AND costly repairs

air conditioning imageMost modern vehicle and some of the older vehicles have Air conditioning fitted as standard or optional extra at time of manufacture.

Why service air conditioning systems?

•  Air conditioning systems will lose 10% of their refrigerant every 12 months. This drastically affects the performance of the system and increases fuel consumption costing you money.

•  Poor servicing of air conditioning systems causes hay fever, skin irritations, runny noses and itchy eyes.

•  If not serviced regularly your air conditioning system will put a strain on the conditioning compressor, in turn this will place further requirement on the engine to run the system (approx 5 horse power is lost through this process!) This of course drastically increases fuel consumption and your costs.

•  Fungi and bacteria grow in car air conditioning systems causing all kinds of irritations, allergic reactions and bad smells.

•  Air conditioning manufacturers recommend the system should be serviced every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

The typical cost of a replacement air conditioning compressor is £600. If it isn’t serviced regularly the air conditioning system WILL fail so the question is: Can you afford not to do it?

Using the latest air conditioning service equipment you will remove acid, moisture, particulates and air from the refrigerant and air conditioning system, test for leaks and charge the exact amount of refrigerant for optimum performance. Also the refrigerant will be recycled and used again.

Servicing air conditioning is essential preventative maintenance, as it is with engines.

We can carry out the servicing of your air conditioning system at a cost of £90.00 + vat or a re-gas at a cost of £65.00 + VAT.  In addition to this a deodoriser treatment can be installed to banish odours and kill germs in the system, this costs an additional £15.50 + vat. During an air conditioning service, the pollen filter would also be replaced if necessary, at additional cost. Costs vary from vehicle to vehicle.

To have your vehicles air conditioning serviced at a time that suits you simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at