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Discover what social firms UK had to say about how Andy’s Kars keeps customers coming back again and again.

“We put our customers first and treat them how we would want to be treated themselves,” says Andy Kent of Andy’s Kars in Cambridge.

Which is something many companies claim! But, where Andy’s Kars is concerned, this seems very much the case with their customers giving the garage their own MOT.

The USP for this garage is that it is a special type of social enterprise. Andy’s Kars is a social firm, which means that at least 25% of the workforce is disadvantaged. At Andy’s Kars, 90% of the staff team are disadvantaged people and / or people with disabilities.

So when one of their returning customers, Anne Marie, says that she has “found the team very friendly, reassuring” and that she has “received a good quality of service”, this is a strong reflection on the training and support Andy’s Kars offers the 90% of staff who are disadvantaged.

But, like any business including social firms, the garage needs to operate at a profit. “We charged Anne Marie nearly £900” continued Andy, who set up the garage twelve years ago. “So although it was more than expected, it was still cheaper than a new car and she now has a roadworthy vehicle. Anne Marie and the people around her can travel in the vehicle knowing that they are safe.

“A routine MOT can uncover things that the customer is unaware of because they have driven through the problem (and not always have noticed it). There may be wear on the tyres or play in a joint until there is a noise. Mostly, people keep driving”.

As a social firm, Andy’s Kars is trusted.

May be it’s because of its support towards the individual people, mostly with disabilities, it employs. The team are proud to be ‘Challenging Attitudes, Changing Lives’. The ethos of Andy’s Kars certainly lends itself towards a business you can trust.

Or may be it’s because of its role in the community. Or, indeed, may be it is something else.

But, regardless of these, it is the excellent service that keeps people coming back.

Another customer, George, brought his car in for a service where the tyres needed replacing and the wheels realigned at a cost of £664. But later, upon travelling to Scotland, his fuel filter developed a problem. George felt confident in contacting Andy’s Kars and they worked with a local garage to fix the filter.

George was impressed. It was not just the customer service he received but the “great integrity and ability” which means George will return to Andy’s Kars again.

Andy has found that “keeping the customer informed at all times is key”.

And not just the customers, but the team also. 90% of the staff team have their “own personal challenges whether it’s a debilitating illness, learning difficulties or being disabled” continued Andy.

Andy’s Kars teaches and supports disabled and disadvantaged people to believe in themselves giving them the confidence to gain meaningful work.

“Everyone has their place in the team which, in turn, makes the business what it is”.

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