Andys Kars

Complaints Procedure


All complaints should be directed to Andy Kent in the first instance.

If making the complaint in person or on the phone please explain to the receptionist that you would like to speak to Andy regarding a complaint, so that we can either transfer you or call him into the office as soon as possible.  We ask that you explain it is with reference to a complaint, as we take all complaints seriously and like to resolve them as soon as possible.  Please also indicate as to whether you wish to speak in private.

If for any reason Andy is not available please give your name, car registration and brief description of the complaint to the receptionist, who  will make notes and confirm with you the content of the notes, so that we can pass it on to Andy as soon as he is available.  Also this will enable us to gather necessary documentation to aid Andy in resolving the problem, i.e. an invoice if the complaint is over a billing issue or the job card and or old parts if it is a mechanical complaint.

If making the complaint in writing, please supply your vehicle registration and who to reply to, addressing the complaint to Andy Kent.  He will pick it up with his daily mail.

All verbal complaints will be dealt with immediately in person where possible, and then investigated.  It will then be responded to in writing within 14 days.  All written complaints will be investigated and responded to in writing within 14 days.

Should no resolution be reached the customer will be given the opportunity to use either Trading Standards or Good Garage Scheme arbitration service. or Consumer advice line 0800 6920825