Andys Kars

How We Handle Customer Requests

On the customer’s arrival at the start of the day, go through the job card with them and check all details of work required and ask them to sign the job card as their authorisation for us to carry out the work requested. Make sure you obtain contact phone numbers for the day and ask when the vehicle is expected to be ready.

Transfer any necessary information onto the electronic job card on the computer, and then place the manual job card in the grey rack in the workshop for the Foreman to distribute the day’s work to the workshop staff.

If a mechanic finds any additional work necessary, work out an estimate and contact the customer giving them details of the additional work that is needed and the costs involved, explaining that all quotes are subject to dismantling and quote the price, plus VAT, giving a total cost expected.

If the additional work is authorised, complete the authorisation section on the front of the job card stating the amount that has been authorised and who authorised the work, the time and date that it was authorised, and when the vehicle is expected back, i.e. is the vehicle required to stay overnight to complete the necessary work.

When the work is completed finalise the paperwork and contact the customer to let them know that their vehicle is ready for collection and ask if they will be collecting their vehicle by the end of the day.

On their arrival, go through the paperwork with them explaining what has been done. Also explain any future advices that they need to plan for and ask if they require an estimate for this work. Ask how the customer would like to pay and take the payment, receipting the invoice for them and giving them all their paperwork and the keys to the vehicle.