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MOT Tests

When your vehicle needs an MOT done quickly and efficiently give us a call and we’ll get you sorted…


MOT tests are carried out by Russell and or Andy.  MOT tests are a legal requirement for motor vehicles over three years old.  They are due every year thereafter.

This is a very emotive subject for most vehicle owners and drivers, but considering a very high percentage pass the test first time this shouldn’t be so.


You should always remember that an MOT test is only valid at the time of test, and this is why you may be given a list of advices.

The MOT test is an inspection of a motor vehicle, which is carried out as a health check of the lights, steering and suspension components, braking system, tyres and road wheels, seatbelts, and general vehicle condition including windscreen, exhaust and emissions. However, it is important to note that an MOT is a visual inspection of how the vehicle is on the day it is presented and should not be taken as a qualification that the vehicle is in tip top condition. We, like all professional garages, will issue you with advices of repairs that we feel in our professional opinion will require work in the near future.

MOTs are not an experience you should fear as we are here to help

MOT test’s can be carried out as a pre-booked timed appointment if necessary or just left for the day. Any minor repairs such as bulbs, wiper blades or minor adjustments can be done on appointment slots but more in-depth repairs would need to be left with us for the day or re-booked for another time if not a safety aspect.

The MOT test is charged at £54.85 (zero VAT). Retests are free of charge if the repairs are carried out by us. If the vehicle is repaired elsewhere and returned to us for testing this requires the vehicle to go through a complete retest which is chargeable at £54.85, unless the failed items are exempt from full retest (a list of which is displayed in our reception area). In this instance the car must be re-presented to us within 10 working days.  The charge for the retest for items exempt from full retest and as long as the vehicle is presented to us within 10 working days is £27.42.

To book your vehicle in for an MOT at a time that suits you simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at