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Our sponsors

Further to winning the Community Award, at the Barclays Trading Places Awards ceremony at the Savoy London, in November 2010, we would like to thank the organisers, sponsors and judges for their kind words of support, during the judging process, then at the awards night and contact since. It has been heartfelt, that large companies can see the good that comes out of heartache and pain, when people like us can look adversity in the eye and turn it into a positive, not only for themselves but also for the good of others.

Andy’s Kars was very proud to have won this prestigious award presented by Barclays and The Sun, and thrilled to accept the generous offers of support and help from the sponsors thereafter.

The continued support from Barclays has been above the call of what you would normally have expected from a larger organisation. As you can understand it has not been an easy time in business over the last two years, however, they have been there to offer practical advice. This does not always mean they have given the money we have asked for, but have supported us to make the changes needed to keep in-touch with the cashflow management. We look forward to working with them further in the future.

Microsoft have also stepped up the plate to help Andy’s Kars, with an extraordinary offer of software and continued technical support. Technology is the lifeblood of many modern businesses, and keeping up with the innovations is essential for any small organisation. has followed up the award win, offering us the opportunity to advertise using all their media sources, with monitoring and feedback of the effectiveness of this included. Again, this is essential for a small business and something we would normally be unable to afford at this level.

These packages in the current climate are hitting areas of our business which normally would be reduced to cut costs and therefore, assist us to maintain our standing in the market place and offer the continued support to our special trainees.

A BIG Thank you to you all, from us all at Andy’s Kars Ltd.

Dreams really can come true.

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