Andys Kars

Parts Ordering Service

If you need to order a specific part for your vehicle we can make it quick and simple for you…

emmaWe are able to provide a parts ordering service, via the reception, for those who wish to service and repair their own vehicles.

From the registration number we can obtain most the necessary details of the vehicle to enable us to order parts.

We have regular parts deliveries, manufacturer parts being once, sometimes twice daily and pattern parts suppliers deliver several times a day. In some instances we can order and take delivery of parts, if in stock, within the hour.

We are happy to advise customers who purchase parts from us, any advice they need to fit the necessary parts themselves, free of charge.

On receipt of parts we contact the customer to arrange collection at a mutually convenient time.

Should you require technical support or advice on the fitment of parts supplied please ask. We have technical support information for most manufacturers.

When it comes to safety aspects such as brakes, steering and suspension, we may ask a few questions to assist us to find out your competence level so as to be able to assist you.

To enquire about ordering a part for your vehicle simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at