Andys Kars

Quality Of Service Policy

Proud of our Past – committed to the Future

In our Quality of Service Policy we believe it is important that we all abide by our five golden rules in order that our Company provides our customers with a professional and quality service, second to none, enabling us to continue to grow and prosper in the future.

Rule One

If we don’t look after the customer… Someone else will.

Rule Two

Nothing is gained by winning an argument, but losing a customer.

Rule Three

Always deliver what we promised, if in doubt – under promise and over deliver.

Rule Four

Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated.

Rule Five

The reputation of the whole Company is in the hands of every individual.

We pride ourselves on our strong beliefs in customer service.

We set our standards to achieve this, higher than most.

We look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction where possible through applying the policies and procedures, agreed to within the British Standard PAS80, and the care and understanding of our customer’s needs. This is also monitored by The Good Garage Scheme and may be revised from time to time to make sure we meet our customer’s needs.