Andys Kars

Vehicle Repairs

If your vehicle needs any repairs we will be 100% transparent and clear about what they are AND what they will cost so you can drive it away in perfect working order as soon as possible WITHOUT breaking the bank

snapon_toolsIf you think your vehicle may have a problem or be in need of repair, we suggest booking it in for an inspection. After we inspect it, we will report any repairs your vehicle needs to you as soon as possible and we will never begin work without your authorisation.

It’s important you know what you’re paying for so you’ll always get a complete breakdown of costs before we commence work AND if we need to make amendments we didn’t anticipate, so you’ll never have a nasty surprise on your bill.

We also work hard to obtain the best prices from a wide range of suppliers so you get the best value for money.

Of course, the last thing you want is a shoddy part that’s just going to break again, eh? So, whilst our prices aren’t always the cheapest, they ARE the best value for money you’ll find.

Transparency is very important to us as a business because we know its important to you too, you have a right to know how we work with your vehicle and to make sure you’re 100% happy with what we do and how much we charge. Therefore…

We have an open door policy so you can request, at any time during a repair, to come in and view what is being done to rectify the faults with your vehicle.

These options are available to clarify where, and on what, your money is being spent, as it is important to us that we meet the required repairs to your vehicle at a reasonable cost, and with your knowledge of all that is happening to correct the faults with your vehicle.

Please note that for Health & Safety reasons this must be requested through reception.

To arrange a convenient time for us to look at your vehicle simply give us a call now on 01954 782666 or email us at

NOTE: Disposal of old parts – Parts that have been replaced during any repairs are always available for 24 hours after collection of your vehicle at which time they will be disposed of. Please could we ask for your assistance in enabling us to dispose of replaced parts quickly, by requesting them at time of collection of the vehicle? This will also avoid the risk of us disposing parts before you ask to see them. Thanks in advance