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Vehicle Servicing

Whatever type of service your vehicle needs, we can help…

russell_workingVehicle servicing is carried out by a member of the workshop team.  We are able to provide servicing to in-house schedules or to Manufacturer’s specifications. The costs vary between the two but this is reflected in the amount of work specified on the individual services.

For example:
a 2004 1.6 Petrol VW Golf
Our interim service would cost around £150 + VAT
A VW Interim Service would cost around £160 + VAT

The services both include changing the oil and filter, a battery check and brake pads check (without the wheels removed), however our Interim service also includes checking all the levels, tyre pressures and tread depths, a full battery and charging system test, steering and suspension visual check including driveshafts, cv joints and wheel bearings as well as lubricating door locks and hinges, checking seat belts for wear and damage and anchorage and lastly checking wipers and washers.

Our full service would cost around £240 + VAT.

As an opposed to the VW service costing around £190 +VAT.

The Manufacturer’s specification service costs slightly less but like above it covers slightly less.

This gives a rough comparison of prices although this varies between makes and models and is only a rough guide.

It shows that difference between full and interim services and manufacturer’s services can be quite vast. Manufacturer’s larger services are now usually much later on the newer vehicles which serve to move your costs into a later time.

Two good examples of why this is not necessarily a good idea is:

A) On rear brake drum wear. If the drums are not removed on a regular basis and cleaned, a lip develops on the edge of the drum making it difficult to remove when replacing brakes either the shoes; wheel cylinders or the adjusters, creating higher repair cost.(sticky or noisy brakes)

B) On spark plugs. On some manufacturer’s service schedules spark plugs are not generally removed until the vehicle has reached approximately 60,000 miles. When left for this length of time we are finding spark plugs seized in cylinder heads and shearing off thus increasing costs once again (reduced fuel economy)

Servicing can be carried out to in-house full or interim services, or to Manufacturer’s specification service schedules.  We offer a wide range of repair services including Engine Management and general electrical repairs, air conditioning servicing and repairs, suspension work, brake repairs, clutch replacement, gearbox repairs or replacement, through to minor and major engine repairs, also providing an exhaust and tyre replacement service including four wheel laser alignment.

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